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Compact Saw Tables by SideTrack


Aircraft grade aluminum frame
Tough PVC work surface

Works with most 6 1/2" cordless saws
Compact folding design for portability
18 preset locking pitch positions for repeatable cuts
Cuts most common building materials 1 1/2" or thinner
Ridiculous low price of only $589 (contractor)

SideTrack tables are in stock and ready to make your life easier! More info is available in store...

(717) 247-2180

For many years, the humble saw table has been sort of an overlooked tool in the contractor's arsenal. There has been very little price competition among saw table brands (most models sell for well over $1,000), and few improvements have been made to the features and design details over the years, at least, until now!

SideTrack is a young company that was launched by an experienced contractor interested in improving the functionality and portability of saw tables! Here's a short list of what we think makes the SideTrack awesome!